When GERMANLAX Ortho Pharma became aware of the problems that patients with a chronic or non-chronic (temporary) pain disorder in muscles and joints experience and the additional problems that oral medication causes in stomach, intestines, liver and kidney, GERMANLAX Ortho Pharma started intensive research and studies in order to find the best and most safe treatments and medicine products aiming at the relief from pain and from the inflammatory syndromes that correlate with a chronic and non-chronic (temporary) disease of muscles, nerves and joints.

With no need to strain stomach, kidneys and liver system, we want to help patients who have difficulties with oral medication because of gastrointestinal or liver or Kidney problems or allergies that are often involved with regular medication. Also there are pregnant and lactating women, who have difficulty taking an oral dosage regularly because of their elevated sensitivity in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Additionally, GERMANLAX Ortho Pharma producing a very high Quality of Cosmetics.
GERMANLAX Ortho Pharma aims to continuously produce and develop the safest, most effective and easy-to-use medicines and treatments for all users who suffer from muscles and joints pain and having experienced problems with oral medication due to allergic effects or problems related to the stomach, intestinal tract, liver or kidney. It has to be highlighted, that all medicine products and treatments at GERMANLAX Ortho Pharma are 100% natural medicine and treatments, intended for external application only. GERMANLAX Ortho Pharma is aiming to deliver treatment for all concerned in the easiest and most beneficial way.